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Thrash 'till Death.

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7th June 2006

8:13am: Today I have the two finals back-to-back in the same classroom that I'm actually trying to pass; Global && English. I think I should do very well on both, as I know 97% of the material on them. After school, I have a lesson, which'll drain me even more. I'll be exhausted by the time I get home, but atleast I won't have to worry about either anymore..

Thursday I'm getting my physical for my working papers, finally.. I can't wait to work this summer. I'll be saving up for a shitty van to travel with.

I'm wicked fucking stoked about this weekend. It'll rule. Hard.

Balloonfest with Cassie. Going on rides, and catching two sick cover bands; Lunachik Fringe && Under the Gun.

Awesome thrash/crust/punk show at the Westcott with Cassie and Jesse.

No Fucker (Loud fucks, sound like Dishcharge)
Warvomit (D-Beat/Crust w/ a little thrash thrown in)
No Followers (Street Punk/Oi)
Radagast (Stoner/Crust)
Omnicidal System (Great new 'Cuse thrash)
Drunk (More new 'Cuse thrash!)
Anemone (Artistic progressive melodic black death)

Shaun Luu Horrorfest II at the Palace Theatre with Cass. They'll be playing "Street Trash" which is a sick b-horror flick with lots of violence && gore, along with a very rare 35mm print to "The Being". It's for a great cause, so if you can show up, please do so!

Our weekend will rule, LOVE! I can't wait.
Current Mood: giddy

1st June 2006

Today marks the anniversary of five months with my love.

Happy five months, baby.

31st May 2006

8:03am: School is close to ending.. For the first time since the beginning, I don't have to repeat or attend summer school. My summer plans are quite simple;

1.) Get my permit the day of my 16th birthday. [June 23rd]
2.) Hopefully receive a car for my birthday.
3.) Get a job to help pay for car insurance/have money.
4.) Drive around with my girl all summer.

Sounds pretty damn good to me.

Man, I love her..

24th May 2006

6:39pm: So, I have been invited to a couple Memorial Day parties. I’m not going to any of your lameass parties, where girls search for cock like it’s a cure for cancer and guys think they’re badass because they can slurp down three of their parent’s Miller Lites. Fuck you.

I’m slowly getting sucked back into fighting again. The big brawl at school today was sick as fuck. Chris is my brother. Glad he fucked up Tyler, that little prick.

F  U  N     S  T   O   R   Y:
Jesse and myself drinking with Scott Carone (Tyler’s father) on my porch at three in the morning. Scott saying that his son’s a little bitch and if he ever mouths off to either us, to punch him in his “gay little face”.

Anyway, back to fighting; I’m getting suspended either Friday or (next week) Thursday. I’m going to fight Jeff (a fat 16 or 17 year old, always tries to bum a cigarette off of everyone, lives in the village, 5’8 - 240lbs) right in the middle of my math class. Why? He approached me today asking me to “hook” him up with my hott girlfriend. He got suspended almost immediately after and I didn’t get a chance to do shit. He was just joking, but it’s not very funny. Nothing’s fine when it comes to my love.

Speaking of her, I’m hopefully seeing her tomorrow if everything goes right. We’ll be spending all weekend, plus Monday together. Going to a party on Saturday with her at her house. Hopefully I don’t start a fight there, but I can’t guarantee shit. I’m naturally an angry guy.

I love you Cassandra. <33
Can’t wait to see your sexxy ass.
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